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Welcome to the DMM Industry Association Consortium sharing site!

By way of background, this site serves to keep our Industry Partners (and others) aware of the forward progress in AFMC’s Digital Materiel Management Initiative.  The IAC directly supports the mission of AFMC’s Digital Acceleration Task Force (DATF) and the Department of the Air Force Digital Transformation Office (DTO): to empower our workforce to adopt digital first practices that accelerate materiel management.

Digital Materiel Management (DMM) will accelerate integrated capability delivery to the warfighter.  The promise of DMM will be achieved when models replace documents, structured data replaces disparate information, and digital collaboration breaks down decision stovepipes. Digital Transformation of lifecycle activities provides seamless and efficient connectivity of data and models, full lifecycle management and access to these data & models (known as authoritative sources of truth).  The baseline technology has been rapidly evolving, but the acquisition system has been slower to adapt.  The engineering and program management artifacts that define these roles have been individually transitioning to digital forms for 30+ years, while the business practices and contract boundaries have remained mostly unchanged.  

There are a number of concerns that are delaying uptake of the full DMM promise in materiel program offices. These concerns have been organized into the following focus areas, and are being addressed through the IAC, allowing for Industry’s voice to be heard and considered as DMM moves forward:

  • Data Standards/Ontologies/Style Guides to Enable DMM
  • Policy and Enforcement for DMM
  • Integration of Acquisition Functions
  • DMM/DE Infrastructure and Environment
  • Workforce Development and Training for DMM

Contained in this site are the non-attributional notes gathered from the various industry/government/academia gatherings that have, and are taking place.  This output is used by the USAF in developing the roadmaps for the focus areas.  These roadmaps serve the community by providing a place to identify the needs, and solutions to various adoption problems, within, and outside of DMM.

Get Involved

To receive emails for future involvement with the IAC, please reach out to  Phil Zimmerman  pzimmerm@stevens.edu

Coming Up

The next DMM IAC workshops will take place during the Dayton Digital Roundtable on 4 March.  The focus of this event is “Creating the DMM Workforce We Need” featuring keynote addresses from AFMC leadership, local academic institutions & industry panel discussions, and hands-on sessions to further accelerate the adoption of DMM.  User stories developed at the 10/11 January AIAA co-sponsored IAC event will frame workforce break-outs focused on workforce challenges.  A link to these user stories will be provided to registered attendees at least 1 week prior to attendance at the 4 March workshop.


Dayton Digital Roundtable on 4 March

Current Call to Action - Digital Building Code

The DAF is soliciting industry feedback on the 2022 DBC to ensure the DAF has the best perspective possible for future collaborations and digital weapon system development. Accordingly, recipients of this notice may further disseminate it to any entity they may believe would be interested in providing feedback. The DAF requests feedback by 8 March and the 2022 DBC can be found here.

To facilitate the DAF’s review of feedback it receives in response to this notice, the DAF requests respondents provide that feedback using the Comment Review Matrix attached to this notice or, in lieu of the spreadsheet, a copy of the DBC with track changes. The DAF intends to widely disseminate the Digital Building Code both inside and outside the Government. Accordingly, respondents shall not populate that spreadsheet with any recommended changes they believe contain their trade secrets. Please provide all comments directly to Jason.Hoff.4@us.af.mil.

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Check this page frequently for updates and follow the DTO on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

Past Events

IAC User Story Development

🤝 SciTech Conference Collaboration

Coinciding with the SciTech conference in Orlando, we conducted our first substantial working session — a marathon of ideas spanning
across 10th and 11th January. Over six hours, industry leaders and innovators came together to contribute to a wealth of content, focusing on shared goals
and groundbreaking projects.

Link to the User Story development Evening Session material

📚 Access Our Content Archive

The discussions were open to the public, ensuring a transparent and inclusive approach to problem-solving. We’ve amassed a rich archive of information from these sessions, and it’s our pleasure to share this knowledge with you. Delve into our comprehensive compilation of insights and takeaways to explore the depth of our collaborative endeavors.

Link to User Stories created during the event