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Vision and Foundational Documents

The Department of Defense published the Defense Digital Engineering Strategy in June 2018 with a vision to modernize how the Department designs, develops, delivers, operates, and sustains systems by securely and safely connecting people, process, data, and capabilities across an end-to-end digital enterprise. 

The Air Force and Space Force built complimentary visions to feed into the Digital Campaign, a coordinated effort to move activities of the collective enterprise towards modern digital capabilities and processes. 

AF Vision:  A digitally-empowered Air Force equipped with an agile workforce, state-of-the-art technologies, and intuitive processes that drive model-based enterprise decision-making, enable automation, institutionalize open architectures, and leverage authoritative models and data to ensure seamless stakeholder collaboration across the acquisition lifecycle.

Digital Space Force Vision: an interconnected, innovative, digitally dominant force. 

The Transformation Office is synthesizing efforts into an integrated suite of capabilities, including data strategy, network and infrastructure, analytic methods, and associated business practices, which will result in the development and fielding of weapons systems to increase lethality across the joint and coalition force.  Digital Transformation is the disruptive enabler the Department needs if we are to overcome our adversaries rapidly increasing parity.  


AFMC’s processes are critical and enable our mission execution, assuring development, delivery, support, and sustainment of war-winning capabilities. To revolutionize our processes, AFMC must implement internal Enterprise Solutions and Digital Materiel Management in support of mission execution and the warfighter. The concept of One Team was introduced in LOE #1 –revolutionizing critical processes provides the “how” to support the warfighter by functioning as one business enterprise with standardized, repeatable, and scalable processes enabled by digital methods and tools. AFMC has two objectives aligned under LOE #3. 

The materials below are recommended reading for anyone interested in learning more about Air Force Digital Transformation.  The Digital Building Code outlines high level concepts for Digital Engineering, Agile Software development, and Open Systems Architecture.  Members interested in the full USSF Vision can review the full Vision for a Digital Service published May 2021.   The Matrix inspired papers, There is no Spoon and Bending the Spoon provide further insight into the trinity concepts of Agile Software, Open Architecture, and Digital Engineering.  This Guide also includes mandate level memorandums from AF Leadership to include a copy of the DAF/CIO Migration to Cloud Computing Memorandum and the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Enterprise Systems memorandum.