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DoD and DAF Policy in Model Form

AFMC Policy Model Overview

As part of the support to the DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO), the AFMC HQ Engineering Office is in the process of building SysML compliant models that capture DoD and Air Force Policies and Processes.

This page is where these policy and process models will be published as they are available.

Overarching Policy Model

This Model was created to consolidate DoD Instructions and Manuals together with Air Force Instructional Documentation into a model that can be searched and filtered with some of the MBSE Capabilities. This model was created using Cameo Systems Modeler. Instructions for how to use the Policy Model are included within the model itself. 

Overarching Policy Model

Cyber Security Model

This Model was created to leverage work conducted by the Cyber Resiliency for Weapon Systems CROWS and models information from the Department of the Air Force Systems Security Engineering Cyber Guidebook Version 4.0. There are ten categories for the Cyber Survivability Attribute, and all ten have been modeled with tracing back to policy. 

Cyber Security Model

Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM)

This Model was created to provide a documented current state process in an integrated fashion and serves as the central knowledge warehouse. It is a compilation of policy, instructions, and guidance that acts as the Gold Standard for persons involved in the Acquisition Process. Information on the functionality of the model, including how to view the properties of a particular process, printing the model, navigating and searching with the APM, can be found in the DAF Acquisition Process Model site, which also features training links, reference documents and templates.

Acquisition System Metamodel

The Acquisition System Metamodel is a preliminary draft of a metamodel with the following components:

  • The Acquisition Program Reference Metamodel (model of models) is conceived as having several parts. The idea is based on the concept that a process starts, consumes inputs, produces outputs, and ends upon completion.
  • The Acquisition Business Model is a placeholder herein to represent that process. The hope is that the DoDI 5000.02 Adaptive Acquisition Framework (and friends) will be modeled in BPMN for eventual acquisition business automation support.
  • The MIL-STD-881 WBS model provides basic structure we chose to use as the basic structure for the Air System GRA. By modeling the system/subsystem structure in the GRA allows alignment of the contract/business information and the system/subsystem being acquired. This usage is not strict, nor can it be.
  • The Air System GRA model library is actually a conceptual collection of model libraries based on the Joint Service Specification Guides, which also are loosely based on the basic WBS element architecture. The GRA features reference models that are – or will be – the requirements within the JSSGs in model form, allowing the program office to construct much of the predefined content, while having elements labeled as “TBS” to signal what areas of a model need to be built out to meet program requirements.

The Acquisition System Metamodel is available as an HTML Export of a SysML model. To access the HTML files properly, download and unzip the file. Then open the Index.html file using Microsoft Edge. Click on the three dots at the top right of the Edge browser and select “Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.” After completion of those steps and ensuring Javascript is turned on the model tree should appear in the Edge browser.

Future Models in Development

AFMC/EN is currently working on developing a model that highlights the process and procedures for Spectrum Management. It is intended to be used by program offices to train personnel on the complete procedures necessary to ensure weapon systems are compliant with Spectrum Management Policy. When this model is complete it will be published on this site with the other available models.

For more information on any of these models please contact Mr. John Myers (