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Integrated Development Environment

What is an Integrated Digital Environment?

An Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) is a compilation of data, models, and tools for collaboration, analysis, and visualization across all functional domains. IDE includes the methodology and specification for data, models, and tools arrangement with processes and procedures to exploit informational results. This might look like differently dependent on your programs digital implementation but one example is in the below graphic showing a government IDE with multi-levels of security exchanging models and data from a contractor’s IDE also at multi-levels of security. One note of importance is that the IDE includes the integration of programmatic (program manager, financial manager, logistics manager, etc) information with the engineering models and data so that the environment is truly integrated.

It should be noted that according to the Cloud Hosting Accountability Memo, the DAF does not want to maintain numerous stove-piped cloud environments, this mandate can be viewed in detail here:  Click Here for Cloud Hosting Mandate