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Digital Awareness Training

The DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is diligently curating training programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of our workforce. Illustrated below is a comprehensive graphic depicting the three-tiered approach to training that DTO champions for effective digital upskilling. This page focuses on our initiatives at the enterprise level, also known as awareness training.  

The table below is populated with videos and course recommendations as of December 2022 and will be added to later as training videos are reworked to be made publicly available.

The New Digital Air Force

The Air Force has had “digital” systems for decades, so what is meant by today’s phrases like Digital Engineering, Digital Acquisition, Digital Enterprise, Digital [fill-in-the-blank]? 

Demystifying Digital Acquisition:  Model-Based Systems Engineering

A brief summary of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and why it’s relevant to the defense acquisition workforce.

Why is the AF Transitioning to Digital

Digital Acquisition Strategy

This video explains the SAF/AQ Digital Trinity message.  It is presented in a way that everyone will understand.  It provides an overview of WHY the DAF is transitioning to Digital and it explains WHAT the DAF is doing to eCreate before we Aviate.

How the AF is Using Model-Based Acquisition to Deliver Capabilities to the Warfighter Faster

Note: No federal endorsement of any commercial entity is intended

This is Part 1 and Part 2 of the Dassault Systems digital tools provides a good overview of the Department of the Air Force’s digital acquisition goals and concepts.  While it emphasizes the vendors toolset, no federal endorsement of any commercial entity is intended.  No Federal endorsement of any commercial entity is intended.

Defense Acquisition University

CLE 084:  Model, Simulations and Digital Engineering

​This continuous learning module provides key information, from a Systems Engineering perspective. It outlines how Models, Simulations, and Digital Engineering can be a benefit over the entire system life cycle and how M&S and DE can support Systems Engineering processes.

​AFIT DAS 101 – Introduction to Data Analytics

This course provides an introduction to data analytic terms and concepts. Students are shown how to acquire data, conduct basic analysis, and leverage data to better inform data-driven decision making.