Architectures, Standards and Engineering Library

What is the Architectures Standards and Engineering Library (ARSENL)? The Architectures and Standards Engineering Library website was initiated by the DAF Chief Architects Office that launched in 2022 and transitioned to the Air Force Material Command Engineering Directorate in 2023.  A.R.S.EN.L houses Controlled Unclassified Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) enabling standards, Government Reference Architectures (GRA’s), as well […]

Best Practices and Lessons Learned

The following Digital Acquisition Best Practices and Lessons Learned have been identified by the Digital Campaign and the Department of the Air Force (DAF) Digital Transformation Office (DTO) as recommendations for programs adopting Digital Acquisition into their acquisition strategies, request for proposals and program execution.  The DAF is very early on in our Digital Transformation […]

Digital Considerations for Acquisition Documents

The DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) knows that as programs transform to incorporate digital acquisition, these core documents may still be required (i.e. will not be represented as source of truth within a model; or will be source of truth in a model yet still needed by Senior Acquisition Leaders in a document form) and […]

MBSE Guidebook & Style Guide

Capability Development MBSE Guidebook The Air Force Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation (SDPE) Office created a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Guidebook for early capability development that provides knowledge on the application of MBSE to the process of early systems engineering. This guidebook is the culmination of an effort by the SDPE Office to address […]

General Digital Enterprise Guidelines

  Where and When to Insert DE Does It Matter Where My Program Starts? ACQ 101 says the earlier the better, but don’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. Look for rational inject points such as mods which can be done digitally even if the program is in the dark ages of 2-D […]

DoD and DAF Policy in Model Form

AFMC Policy Model Overview As part of the support to the DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO), the AFMC HQ Engineering Office is in the process of building SysML compliant models that capture DoD and Air Force Policies and Processes. This page is where these policy and process models will be published as they are available. […]

Benefits of Digital Engineering

Selecting Which Option Is Best Model-Based Vs. Traditional In its Systems Engineering Digital Engineering Fundamentals (March 2016), the DoD proposed the use of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) practices within a digital ecosystem in lieu of Document-Intensive Systems Engineering (DISE). The concept is that acquisitions will embrace concurrent, collaborative processes and forego the traditionally serial approaches […]

Digital Airworthiness Team

One of the goals of the former DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) was to analyze the processes required by the Department of the Air Force to evaluate which processes can be improved upon.  The enhancement of the Airworthiness Certification process was assessed as a key enabler to field technologies faster than our adversaries, however, no […]

Model-Based Strategic Contract Guidance

The DAF Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is working to provide recommended model-based contract language based on a program’s digital strategy to our program offices.  Some initial work has been done and is explained below. In the left column are files that include briefing slides that explains a recommended process for programs to use the digital […]

Digital Maturity Assessment

The below content is information that the DAF Digital Transformation Office has provided for programs to use to assess their digital maturity.  It is based on the 42 metrics within the INCOSE Model-based Capabilities Matrix and modified to apply beyond just systems engineering.  Since each program is different, each program would first need to understand what its target is […]