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Acquisition and Sustainment Data Package


The Acquisition and Sustainment Data Package (ASDP) is an effort to improve the way the Air Force acquires the data required to produce, maintain, sustain, operate, and modify weapon systems. 

ASDP is comprised of two separate but connected thrusts:

ASDP Now:  Providing actionable guidance to program teams so they can lean into digital transformation within the enterprise and programmatic constraints they are given.  

ASDP Future:  Developing the strategy and building blocks for programs of the future to fully embrace digital acquisition.     

Users can find the ASDP Contract language (SOW Language) word document below and the Data Object/attributes and Associated Metadata (DOAM) spreadsheet. 

DOAM Purpose:  The DOAM is intended to aid in the ingestion of the data deliverables into AF-PLM tool, Teamcenter (Tc). Through the DOAM, the AF will be empowered to intelligently tie data sets together to fully understand and analyze data effectivity when making a change. In additional, by obtaining the metadata, it will allow AF to be able to search, understand, and report on data quicker. To do this, the AF must make the delivery of the metadata a requirement that is placed on contract with EACH deliverable by making it an attachment to the DD Form 1423. The intent would be that each data deliverable will be accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet that is filled out by the OEM/Contractor in accordance with the attachment on the DD Form 1423. Upon receipt of the two files, the Data Manager would create a new item type in Tc, utilizing the excel spreadsheet. Without the DOAM, AF personnel would have to hand-jam the metadata into the system. The DOAM puts the onus on the creators/experts of the data to provide the applicable metadata to assist the AF in connecting the information from the beginning of a program to the completion with each data delivery.


All ASDP – Endorsed DIDs can be found in ASSIST (  by searching for the term “ASDP”.